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We asked you to design some warlock patrons themed after Cantrip Candles and you most certainly delivered! A huge congratulations to our winners Jonathan @InPaperClad &  Lorelei @LoriChicken for their written entry and Marc @orcishreject for his artistic piece! You can view the winning submissions below as well as some of our other favorites! Maybe you'll find a good fitting patron for your next warlock to taking a liking to! 

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to submit to this competition! It's entries like these that make us so proud of the Cantripper community! 

The Vaeyen - CantripCandles - Season of
The Guiding Light.png
Art by @orcishreject

For this #CantripQuest we're asking you to design a warlock patron themed after yours truly, Cantrip Candles. What this means is up to your interpretation, but you must include the following:

  • Name and description of the Patron

  • An expanded spell list

  • Traits given at the 1st, 6th, 10th, and 14th level

  • (Basically use the Players Handbook for reference)

Now, this is both a writing and art contest, with each section judged separately. Not good at writing? Show us a great piece of art! Can't draw? Then write like you mean it. We suggest you team up with someone to create a cohesive piece that takes the win for both categories! (Get it? Kind of like teaming up with a patron?)

The winner of the art and writing section will each receive one large 16oz glass candle of their choice with included metal dice, one small 6oz metal tin candle of their choice, and one matchbox of their choice. In addition, the winning pieces will be displayed in our gallery and made available for download, allowing thousands of other players to try it out for a spin! 

Your submissions must adhere to the following rules:

  • All submitted pieces must be original productions. 

  • Visual-based entries must be limited to a single image. Size is up to you! PDF, JPEG, PNG or PSD are all acceptable formats. See below for specific formatting.

  • All submissions must be appropriate for public viewing. No NSFW, violent, or sexual images.

  • By entering, you agree to have your work potentially displayed/downloaded on our site or shared on our social medias - with credit, of course!

  • Formatting is up to you, but text and art must be submitted separately as well. This allows us to mix and match the winning art and writing pieces should they not win as a set. You can of course submit the two pieces as one single image, but make sure you also attach them apart. 

  • Submissions can be sent to info@cantripcandles.com with the subject SEASON OF THE WARLOCK

  • Be sure to submit your piece by October 27 11:59PM PST.