Handcrafted, American black walnut dice trays with either a Baltic birch or black walnut base, finished with natural Tung oil and semi-gloss poly finish. Pads are removable, dual-sided faux leather/felt combination for satisfactorily acoustic rolling. If desired, the pad can be removed while the finish completely protects from marring by plastic die. Some notches may appear with extended metal die usage, but will not alter performance.


6.5" W x 2" H. (7.5" from point to point)

12 oz


About Oath & Hammer

Kevin began his woodworking journey six years ago by building a monstrosity of a bed frame, finding comfort in the strength of 45 degree angles and an absurd amounts of screws. His approach to woodworking is much the same as his approach to character creation, simple but strong; bringing to life the best qualities that a material possesses. Whether it’s a black walnut tree or a farmer turned holy warrior, seeing the potential for change and new creation is his favorite form or expression. He first started crafting dice trays one year ago, and has been testing new designs on his party members since. His favorite class is paladin.

Oath & Hammer Dice Tray

Tray Bottom Color

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