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Sweet Fig Farmhouse

Just on the edge of town sits a small farmhouse. The property is surrounded by three acres of fig trees and garden patches. The property is magically charmed to deter any thieves or wandering wildlife but the owners are more than happy to offer some fruits in exchange for a day’s work. If you’re lucky you’ll get to try their famous fig and berry jam.

We challenged you to create a piece of art that showcased your interpretation of our Sweet Fig Farmhouse scent! Thank you to each of you who entered into the contest! There were heaps of writing entries that made it hard to choose, but something about Sabine Gordon's (@sabine_actually)  simple yet elegant piece stood out to us! Congratulations on first place Sabine!

     Two women sit in an orchard, not far from an old but well-tended farmhouse. The day is hot and sunny, warm for the season, and the trees around them hang heavy with fruit. The sunlight reflects off the whitewashed clapboards of the house, glinting on it and making it hard to look at straight on. If there's any sort of magic that abets that process, that might keep the wrong sort from looking at it at all, the women pay it no mind.


     Sitting in one of two old wooden chairs, the shorter of the two women is slicing a fresh fig with a small, sharp knife, careful of the blade; her feet rest on an upturned bucket, not long enough to reach the ground. The taller of the two fans herself with a wide-brimmed straw hat, seeking more air than the slight breeze that blows through the orchard.

     "Are you gonna eat our whole crop?" she asks the other woman; she doesn't sound angry, and her other half doesn't hear anger in it.

     "One way or another," the shorter woman says, biting into another slice of fruit. The figs are still warm from the sun, and with each bite, they release their sweet juice, their fine scent.


     Not to be outdone, the taller woman reaches into the bowl on the ground at her side; it holds her own choice of fruit, a few just-ripened berries, the first of the season. There is plenty of room for them both to grow, and soon the bushes too will be laden with fruit.


     The quiet of the scene is interrupted by voices from the other side of the farmhouse. Both women lean over to look, their chairs positioned in just the right spot to see and not be seen.


     "Adventurers," the shorter one says. The other woman makes a noise of agreement, because there is no doubt. The adventurers who come through a town like this all look the same, newly minted and fresh-faced; some will succeed and some will not, but in their beginnings, they are all alike. "What do you reckon?"


     The taller one licks a finger, holding it up as if to test the wind, and there is a faint glow visible from underneath her blouse. "I don't get any evil off 'em."


The shorter woman takes a hard look at the small band. "I count two big 'uns, a wizard, and a sneak thief."


     "Won't kill us if they pocket a fig or two more than we offer," her companion says. "Small price to pay."


     "Suppose you're right," the shorter woman says. She waves her hand over the bushel of figs beside her, and whatever bits of dirt remained on them disappear. She hops off her chair, hoisting the fruit and settling it against her hip. "Let's see if our adventurers have strong backs."

The taller one eats the last of her berries before joining her, following as the shorter woman walks briskly to the front of the farmhouse; it's not hard to catch up with her long stride. The adventurers are green and full of bluster, but they'll do, the fighters picking fruit for the rogue to dice and the wizard to simmer. For their troubles, they'll find a day of peace and a good meal; this place knows only honest work and the respite that follows it.


     The women will send them away with a jar of jam and gruff good wishes, and soon, more adventurers will take their place, just as green and eager. And their lives will stretch on like that, harvesting figs and picking berries and tending to their homestead; their adventure is over, and an easy, satisfying life is their reward for completing it.


     The scent of cooking jam fills their farmhouse, and there is nothing finer in the world.


By Sabine Gordon

Our second place prize goes to Paola Harris (@Irrel) for her delightfully bright artistic interpretation of a farmhouse, complete with pie in window and fig patterned curtains! 

And finally, the other entries that we felt deserved recognition! As always, thank you so much for taking the time to help develop our world using your talents! Be sure to give these folks a follow if you enjoy their work! 

by Shannon A


by James Eustice

by Daniel Seth Harris


Your Quest: 

Create an original work that exhibits your personal interpretation of our fragrance Sweet Fig Farmhouse. The submission can take any format- art, writing, music, even a dungeon design! Just be sure to adhere to the following rules.

  • All submitted pieces must be original productions

  • Visual-based entries must be limited to a single image. Size is up to you! See below for accepted formats.

  • All submissions must be appropriate for public viewing. No NSFW, violent, or sexual images.

  • By entering, you agree to have your work potentially displayed on our site or shared on our social medias - with credit, of course!

  • NEW RULE - For written entries, they must be no longer than 1000 words and should be properly formatted for reading (this means no text blocks).

The Prizes: 

First Place

The creator of the winning entry will receive one 16oz Sweet Fig Farmhouse candle with included metal d20 and their choice matchbox

Runner Up

This winner will receive one 6oz Sweet Fig Farmhouse candle and their choice of matchbox

You can submit  your entries to info@cantripcandles.com with the SUBJECT of the email as "Cantrip Quest." 

Acceptable formats for art are PDF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, and PNG. 

Acceptable formats for written material is PDF.

Acceptable formats for audible material is MP3 or WAV

Be sure to include your name and any social media so we know where to find you! 

Contest ends 11:59PM PST February 28, so get going! We can't wait to see what you come up with!