Cantrip Quests

Cantrip Quests were designed as an opportunity to showcase the talent of our amazing community. Artists take inspiration from our scents and transform it into something completely different, and completely beautiful. 


Check out the galleries below to see how our candles have helped create new worlds. 

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Season of the Warlock

Design a warlock patron themed after Cantrip Candles

A Walk in 

the Woods

As twigs and branches snap under your feet, sunlight scatters through the swaying pine trees above.

Winning entries by @egreonna and @somber_bluebird

Sweet Fig Farmhouse

Just on the edge of town sits a small farmhouse. The property is surrounded by three acres of fig trees and garden patches.

Winning entries by @sabine_actually and @Irrel


Hymns ring through the halls as plumes of incense drift upwards towards the heavens.

Winning entries by @emilyjeasmith and @willbrackmusic



Miles of winding tunnels and passageways form a network of danger and mystery. 

Winning Entries by @ZincredibleD and @MargaretASalter

Black Hound Tavern

The Black Hound Tavern is a dark and cozy spot that’s perfect for anyone who fancies a bit of quiet.

Winning entry by @TheseDeadPens

Stonemoss Chapel

Before the town was founded, a band of clerics built a small chapel for their rituals and prayers.

Winning Art piece by Stephanie Ingmire

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