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Party Members

In our adventures across the vast realm of the internet, we've stumbled across a number of creators, artists, and productions that are exceedingly special. In a continued effort to support and promote the growth of these amazing creators, Cantrip Candles proudly sponsors the following: 

Deven Rue is a talented cartographer an illustrator known for her web space Rue Ink. She's amazingly accessible through various social platforms like Twitter and Twitch. 


Deven Rue Cartography


A merry band of storytellers that work together to draw you into the world of D&D 5e! Takes place in the Wanderers’ Hideaway Tavern! @NGDCCast

Online Campaign

Not Great Entertainment


Do you love podcasts and D&D? Then you better dust off your dice and hold onto your butts, Lawful Stupid is here. 


Lawful Stupid Podcast


A space for one-on-one D&D. Whether you’ve been playing for years or don’t think you ever will, we have everything you need to get started, adjust your games for parties of two, and engage in a fun storytelling partnership. 

Game Design

DnD Duet