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Dungeon Depths

Miles of winding tunnels and passageways form a network of danger and mystery. Torches smolder and flicker against the damp cavern walls as you get closer to your destination… or perhaps your doom. An eerie wind seems to blow from behind you, slowly urging you further and further into the darkness.

We challenged you to create a piece of art that showcased your interpretation of our Dungeon Depths scent! We had a HUGE number of entries and we're thrilled that so many participated! Our contest winner was Zinfandel Dawnchaser with her beautiful song "Down, Dungeons Deep." 
Down, Dungeons Deep - Zinfandel Dawnchaser
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And our runner up was a digital piece by Margaret Salter @MargaretASalter. You can check out her work as well as some of our other favorite submissions in the gallery below. Click the image to see them in more detail. You can also read a written submission by Daniel Seth Harris.
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Your Quest: 

Create an original work that exhibits your personal interpretation of our fragrance Dungeon Depths. The submission can take any format- art, writing, music, even a dungeon design! Just be sure to adhere to the following rules.

  • All submitted pieces must be original productions

  • Visual-based entries must be limited to a single image. Size is up to you! See below for accepted formats.

  • All submissions must be appropriate for public viewing. No NSFW, violent, or sexual images.

  • By entering, you agree to have your work potentially displayed on our site or shared on our social medias - with credit, of course!

The Prizes: 

First Place

The creator of the winning entry will receive one 16oz Dungeon Depths candle with included metal d20 and their choice matchbox

Runner Up

This winner will receive one 6oz Dungeon Depths candle and their choice of matchbox

You can submit  your entries to info@cantripcandles.com with the SUBJECT of the email as "Cantrip Quest." 

Acceptable formats for art are PDF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, and PNG. 

Acceptable formats for written material is PDF.

Acceptable formats for audible material is MP3 or WAV

Be sure to include your name and any social media so we know where to find you! 

Contest ends 11:59PM PST September 30, so get going! We can't wait to see what you come up with!