Hand-Painted Dice

Monet's Water Lilies 1908

We're not a dice company. We leave that stuff to the big guys (shout out to Tabletop Loot and Dice Envy). But, when our founder has some free time, he paints dice to reflect famous works of art. 

Dice commissions are available on a case by case basis. If there are no commission slots open, then check back another time! Protip: follow us on twitter @cantripcandles for random updates! 

By purchasing a commission, you are putting down a $30 deposit for a set of seven hand-painted dice based on a painting of your choosing. After purchasing, I'll send you an email originating from info@cantripcandles(dot)com to begin the conversation. We'll discuss what painting you'd like, what time range I'll need to complete it, and ultimately what the final price will be based on workload. Most commissions total at $100.) In the event that after our conversation I feel unable to fully realize your idea, I'll simply refund the purchase and re-open the slot. 

Keep in mind that due to the small and irregular canvas size of dice, there are limits to what can be portrayed. Highly detailed imagery will look muddied on a small scale, so try to go with pieces that have a more abstract style.

van gogh's starry night
van gogh irises

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