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A Walk in the Woods

As twigs and branches snap under your feet, sunlight scatters through the swaying pine trees above. A breeze carries with it the scent of fallen leaves and moist soil. Better keep moving, the camp is still miles ahead. 

We challenged you to create a piece based on your interpretation of our Walk in the Wood scent. Below we've posted the winning pieces as well as some other entries we loved. This contest was our hardest one yet with TONS of submissions! Our deepest thanks for your hard work and helping bring our scents to life!  

Our Winners
Congratulations to Anja Thomsen (@egreonna) on her stunning piece. The illustration is delightfully immersive and does a marvelous job of playing with light and negative space. Kudos to Anja!


And a congratulations to Ryan McGuire (Twitter: @somber_bluebird) for his written piece. It's a wonderfully evocative writing that, although not necessarily embedded in fantasy, still plucks on the heartstrings of any hero. 

Below are other entries! Enjoy them and be sure to follow the creators on social media! 

Your Quest: 

Create an original work that exhibits your personal interpretation of our fragrance A Walk in The Woods The submission can take any format- art, writing, music, even a dungeon design! Just be sure to adhere to the following rules.

  • All submitted pieces must be original productions

  • Visual-based entries must be limited to a single image. Size is up to you! See below for accepted formats.

  • All submissions must be appropriate for public viewing. No NSFW, violent, or sexual images.

  • By entering, you agree to have your work potentially displayed on our site or shared on our social medias - with credit, of course!

  •  For written entries, they must be no longer than 2000 words and should be properly formatted for reading (this means no text blocks).

  • Visual pieces and written works will be judged separately. We realized it's too hard to compare writing to illustrations so they're now different categories. Audio pieces are being included in the artwork category for now.

The Prizes: 

Artwork Winner

The creator of the winning art piece will receive one 16oz A Walk in the Woods candle with included metal d20 and their choice matchbox

Writing Winner

This winner will receive one 16oz A Walk in the Woods candle and their choice of matchbox